The Bird Soup

Thursday September 28
To make a bubbling portion of bird soup, you will need the following ingredients:
  • 1 sax player who’s first name rhymes with a dessert (i.e. Jake Baxendale).
  • 1 legendary bass player with a plump of ducks for neighbours (i.e. Paul Dyne)
  • 1 drummer with numerous identical digital relatives (i.e. Mr Shaun Anderson)
  • 1 recovering jazz guitar addict in a metal tee-shirt (i.e. Aleister j. Campbell)
  • Several tunes Charlie Parker used to play in periods between satisfying his various alleged vices.
Step 1 - Place all ingredients together in purposefully random amounts into a suitable receptacle (i.e. Havana Bar). 
Step 2 - Mix in a haphazard fashion with no regard to mixing conventions.
Step 3 - Tip contents into an old coffee sack, tie it from the nearest ceiling, then wait impatiently to see if it swings*.
*If yes, smile contentedly. 


 If not, repeat steps. 
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