Les Jollies Blons

Thursday October 26

There's a lot of talk going round this town about the music of New Orleans in the state of Louisiana. To hear people talk you'd think that all those folks ever did was play jazz and ragtime on their fancy brass snicker snackers. Well let me tell you sir! If you would venture off Bourbon st for one cotton-picking minute, you might find the real music music of Louisiana- the music of the bayous and the swamps, the party music of the Cajuns and Creole.


Welp, we gon play that music. we gots a accordion (Emmaline Wollum), we gots a pots and pans (Easy Mike J), We gots a goddamned banjo (AJ Jensen) and we gots a elektrical Bass fiddle (Dapper Dan). Also they all be hooting and Hollerin like the devil is on their tail!

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