Live Swing with The Wellington City Shake 'em On Downers! $5

Saturday November 18

Forming in mid 2010 from the combined efforts of a gang of musos who understood the true magic which exists in the sound of the 1920's and 1930s. Born on the waterfront, growing up along Cuba St, and now maturing into the good looking, sweet sounding 7 piece promising nothing but best times for all.

The group exist featuring the likes of Dean Scott (Richter City Rebels, Oy Azoy) on Trombone, Hikurangi Schaverien-Kaa (Oy Azoy, The Relatives) on Drums, Robert Henderson on Double Bass (Gypsy-biscuits), Robert Laurent on Banjo/Guitar (gypsy-biscuits), Emma Wollum (solo) on Accordion and vocals, James Wisnesky on Trumpet, and Oscar Lavern (Black Spider Stomp) on saxophones and vocals. From show tunes, dance standards and originals that herald the new beginnings of swing. Come see the stompin' sounds for yourself, it definitely ain't no sleepy time down south when the Downers are in Town-ers ya'll
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