CUBA DUPA: Cuba Street Carnivore

Saturday March 30
11am - Late

IT'S BACK! Cuba Dupa will be going all weekend, and so will we, with this tribute to the former name, the Cuba Street Carnival. You may expect fowl play, but this feast will be...bovine. We're offering a carnivores delight all weekend, and we're sure you'll make mince meat of it!

We're open all day on both days, so come on in for our annual Cuba Dupa special menu. We'll be braising, grilling, curing and stuffing. We'll also have cocktails specials all weekend, so come in from the sun/rain and rest your feet before heading back out to the Carnival! (NON-CARNIVORES ALSO WELCOME)

On Saturday night, Cuba Libre will be kicking off our annual Cuba Dupa After Party from 11:30 onwards!

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